Unique, handmade ceramics.

Welcome to karo&auguste!

karo&auguste is a small ceramic brand consisting of me (Karo) and my little lady dog Auguste. Working together as the perfect team we make unique, handmade ceramics for your home.

For our pieces we take inspiration from the world that surrounds us: all the colours of the sea, beautiful sandy beaches, wild mountain rivers and the small fishing villages of the Italian coast, so colourful with their pink, mint and yellow facades. 

Natural Colours, inspired by the sea and the small villages of the Italian coast.

Our ceramics at your homes

Hello you both. Thank you a lot for the cups and the mug. I am very much in love and I enjoyed my coffee in them first thing today. Such great art! Thank you!

- Hanna G.

Thank you so much, Karo, for the two lovely mugs. They both arrived safely in their new home.

- Katrin K.

Hello Karo, the mug just arrived! It's simply super beautiful!

  - Leonie L.

Dear Karo, the bowl arrived and it's soooooooooo beautiful!! I don't want to put it down anymore :)

- Laura C.

The beau-ti-ful vase by karo&auguste just arrived. Loooove it.

   - fernlane.wtf on Instagram