FAQ courses

On this page I answer your frequently asked questions about our courses

Do I need a potter's wheel for your courses?

No, in the courses I show you how to make ceramic pieces using the hand building technique. Since I myself only work with the hand building technique and not on the potter's wheel, I would like to pass on this wonderful way of making pottery :) A big advantage for you is the easy execution of the course content from home. In order to make pottery using the hand building technique, you only need a few tools and materials (I will show you exactly what you need in the courses) and you do not have to buy expensive equipment such as a potter's wheel.

What do I do if I don't own a kiln?

Since I assume that most hobby potters do not have their own kiln, I will give you useful tips in my courses on how to find a firing service in your area. I provide links on which a wide range of firing service searches are offered in Germany and worldwide. In most cities, large and small, you will almost certainly find a possibility to have your pieces fired.

Is the course suitable for me as an absolute beginner?

I designed the course so that you can follow it without any pottery experience. I have been giving pottery courses since 2016, most of my students have no previous knowledge. Therefore, I know what is important when explaining and demonstrating and which questions and problems arise most frequently. After that, I aligned my course video. I show the process slowly and in close-up so you can follow each step very closely, and I explain in detail what I do and how. Embedded in the demonstrations, I convey theoretical knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. Since this course also includes many tips and some theory, as well as material knowledge, it is also suitable for a bit more advanced potters.

How can I register for your courses?

You do not have to register for the online courses. Since these are pre-produced videos, you can simply buy the course you are interested in in my online shop. Once I received your payment I will send you a link to a private You Tube video (meaning it cannot be found or viewed without this link). To watch the course, simply click on the link and you will be taken to the course video. You need a You Tube account to watch the video, but you can set it up quickly and easily. You can then watch the course video as often as you like.

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