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Read everything about our Onlineshop, Shop Updates, shipping, payment etc.


Shopping Cart

The shopping cart does not save any products. So if someone has the same product in their cart and is faster in the checkout process, your cart will be emptied automatically. If you really want to have a piece, it is best to order it directly and then come back to browse further and possibly buy other pieces.


Member Account

To speed up the ordering process, you can register in the member area (top right) and save your address details. These are then automatically displayed with every order process and you do not have to re-enter them every time.

In the members area you can also track your orders, payments and shipping and create a wish list where you can save your favourite items.

Shipping costs for multiple orders

If you have placed several orders, I try to pack all orders in one box so that you save shipping costs. Of course, I will refund the overpaid shipping costs as soon as I have packed everything. The safety of the ceramic pieces comes first. So should your orders not fit in one box without the risk of being damaged in transit, I will use two shipping boxes. There is therefore no guarantee that shipping costs will be refunded.


Shipping times

Our shop updates usually take place on Sundays. I do my best to pack all orders early the following week and ship later in the week. Shipping to Germany usually takes 2-5 days. Of course, shipping to other countries varies depending on the destination country and any customs regulations.


Tracking your order

As soon as I have shipped your order, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track your package. Please keep an eye on it so that you can receive it on the day of delivery or enter a storage location or parcel shop near you so that everything goes smoothly with the delivery.


Secure packaging

I pack our ceramics very safely in double-walled boxes with a lot of paper. For years, no pieces have broken during shipping, even over longer distances, e.g. to the USA.

In the unlikely event that something should break, please photograph the broken goods and the package from the outside and send me the photos. In this case, I will of course reimburse you for the costs or make you a new piece.

Eco-friendly packaging

I try to pack the ceramics in the most environmentally friendly way possible, using no plastic and recycled paper. If, exceptionally, you find plastic in your package, then it is reused material, which I found for example in the shipping boxes of my pottery material supplier.

Worldwide shipping

I ship worldwide. If you cannot find your country in the shipping options, please contact me and I will inform you about shipping costs or any shipping restrictions.

Customs Fees

These will vary from country to countryIf you’re placing an international order, please check the current situation first. Any fees will generally need to be paid by the recipient before the couriers can deliver, and non-payment will result in the package being returned (or sometimes even destroyed). In this case I’ll contact you to sort out a resolution, but you would be responsible for any additional costs caused by non-payment. I’m sorry for the added inconvenience


Payment options

You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. For Bank transfer: Please transfer the total amount to the specified account within 2 working days. I can only ship your order after I received of your payment.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!

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