Chubby mug "Octopus's Garden" No. 2

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A very special mug that feels wonderful in the hand and radiates coziness thanks to its chubby shape.

Glazed in white (inside) and various shades of blue-turquoise (outside), on speckled sand coloured clay. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, where creatures like the octopus make their home, probably retiring to their shady garden, far from all the troubles hundreds of meters above sea level.

Our ceramics are dishwasher safe. However, we generally recommend hand washing for handmade items.

Food safe

Handcrafted using the hand building technique.

Fired at approx. 1230 degrees, stoneware.


Diameter about 12 cm

Height about 7 cm

Capacity approx. 400 ml

Please note that the product may differ slightly from the photos shown here. Reasons for this can be screen settings and different lighting conditions. I take photos in daylight. Each of my pieces is unique, each piece is hand-made, which means it has irregularities that are absolutely wanted and are part of my aesthetic.

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