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Gift Card (multiple price choices starting at 15 euros)

Gift Card (multiple price choices starting at 15 euros)

15,00 €Preis

Would you like to give my ceramics as a gift, but are not sure what items the recipient would like best?

Then a gift voucher is the perfect choice.

Just let the recipient choose for themselves :)


You can choose from different price categories starting at 15 euros (in the menu below).

The voucher will then be sent by email, either directly to the recipient or to you.


Very important:


Please let me know in the field “Add a Note” (appears during the checkout) whether the voucher should be sent to you or directly to the recipient and which message you would like to send with it.


The email will then contain the voucher code, your personal message and some important information for using the gift card.


Gift Card policies:


  • The voucher can only be redeemed for ceramics offered on
  • All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Voucher amounts cannot be paid out.
  • Ceramics purchased with a voucher can only be exchanged for a new voucher in the value of the purchased ceramics.
  • We are not responsible if a voucher code is used unlawfully by a third party and we are not obliged to issue a new code.


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