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We are
Karo & Auguste

Let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves - Karo, the ceramic artist and

Auguste, the workshop doggo :)


Hey, I'm Karo and I founded my small ceramics label karo&auguste in 2015.

The other half of the team is Auguste, my little dog, who has been with me since the beginning.


I make ceramics using the hand building technique, which means I don't work on the potter's wheel. I model or assemble vessels using various methods and always find new ways to create shapes. I love the slow process only using a few tools. To create something with my own hands, from natural materials, that is what makes working with clay so special for me. Back to the roots, you could say, as already more than 20.000 years ago ceramics have been made using the hand building technique.


I find the ideas for my designs in the world that surrounds me. In September 2022 we moved to the Ligurian coast and the sea, the hills, the beaches and colorful Ligurian coastal places have become a great source of inspiration. But even before that, we still lived in Berlin, nature was a constant source of ideas and with my glazes in mainly turquoise, blue and green tones I satisfied my longing for the sea.


Past and Present

I discovered clay as a material in 2015 and have been a bit addicted ever since.

I found a workshop relatively quickly where I could work, exchange ideas with other ceramists and learn a lot about clay, glazes and the making process. I acquired my knowledge autodidactically, through books and the exchange with other ceramists.

In 2018 I opened my own workshop and shop in Berlin Moabit, where I made and sold my ceramics and gave many pottery courses.

Auguste has been by my side since 2015 and has always accompanied me to various ceramic studios. She is a real workshop dog and an important team member of karo&auguste. She not only sweetens my time in the studio, but also always lets me know when it's time for a break or when it's time to finish work. My little work-life balance compass :)

Life and work in Italy

Since 2022 we have been working in a small studio with a shop in Bogliasco, on the Ligurian coast. Here I make my ceramics, sell them and also give pottery courses.

And besides we enjoy life in this beautiful area, surrounded by the turquoise blue sea, enchanting coastal towns and lots of nature. For more behind the scenes of our work and life in Italy you are welcome to follow us on Instagram.

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