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Online Courses

You can learn my hand building techniques from your home with my online video courses!


In my online courses I will show you how to hand build different pieces with my favourite techniques, that means without the pottery wheel. You get a detailed video demonstration with audio and text explanations, lots of helpful tips and important theoretical knowledge about pottery. I provide lists of the materials and tools I use myself and where I bought them (Please note that I cannot provide addresses of suppliers around the world, but you can usually find similar material and tools in pottery suppliers in your countries). You will also receive useful information on where to fire your pottery if you don't have your own kiln.

The courses are pre-produced videos in which I do my best to answer all the basic questions about pottery with the hand building technique. I've been giving pottery courses since 2016 and therefore know which questions and problems arise often especially at the beginning - I base my online courses on that experience. If you have any questions that I do not answer during the course, you have the possibility to ask them after the course by contacting me via email. I will always answer questions from course participants as quickly as possible and with priority.

Please read all the infos about the courses in the detailed product description (see below).

Our Online courses:


"I just finished watching your clay course. It was excellent! The photography, voice over, subtitles, music and information were perfect! Your voice is very calm and soothing and the pace of the video was great too. Thanks for a wonderful class."

Pam Smeltzer

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