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Find Answers to our most frequently asked questions about our ceramics, shipping, courses and more.


Is karo&auguste ceramics dishwasher safe? 

Yes, all of our items can be put in the dishwasher. However, with handmade ceramics, we recommend hand washing. 

Is karo&auguste ceramics food safe? 

Yes, all of our pieces are food safe and can be used in everyday life. 

How stable is karo&auguste ceramics? 

Our pieces are hight fired, that means at about 1230 degrees. They are stoneware and therefore very stable. During the making process I also make sure that the pieces are stable (a handle, for example, is very carefully attached so that it can also hold a large tea or coffee cup). But naturally, if you make a ceramic piece fall, it usually breaks ;) 

How quickly will your ceramics be shipped to my home? 

I try to pack all orders within 1-2 days after every online shop update. They can then usually be shipped within 3 to 5 work days. Shipping times vary depending on where you live, customs regulations etc. I will always provide you with a tracking number so you know where your parcel is at any time. Please note that karo&auguste is a small business and I do everything myself. So there may be delays for which I ask for your understanding. My priority is to satisfy you as a customer, I will keep you informed of all delays and news about your order. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. If you can't find your country in the shipping options, contact me.

Is it safe to ship ceramic pieces? Does it happen that a piece breaks during the shipping? 

The safety of our ceramics when shipping is of course the highest priority. To make sure the pieces arrive safely at your home, I pack them into double-wall shipping boxes and protect the piece very well with lots of paper. With this method we didn't have any breakages when shipping ceramics.

In the unlikely event that something breaks on the way, please take a few photos of the external condition of the box and the broken piece and send them to me immediately after receiving it. Of course, in this case I will make a new piece or reimburse you for the costs.

Do you give pottery classes? 

Yes, you can learn how to make ceramics from home in my online courses or find more infos about my in-person courses here.

What do you show in your online courses? 

You will be able to follow all the steps for making various pieces very closely and in detail, and I will also give many tips on the process, materials and where you can purchase them. So you get an all-round insight into my work process and learn which materials I use and where you can buy them. After each course you will have the ability to make your own ceramic cups, bowls, plates and much more. 

Where can I buy karo & auguste ceramics? 

Our ceramics are available online in our onlineshop or at our shop/studio in Bogliasco (Liguria).

Do you offer a firing service? 

No, we unfortunately cannot offer a firing service.

Do you work at the potter's wheel? 

No. I only work with the hand building technique, i.e. without a potter's wheel, only with a few tools and my hands :) If you want to find out more about my work process, take a look at my Instagram account @karoundauguste, there I often show you behind-the-scenes- Videos and short tutorials! 

Do you also make custom orders? 

When it comes to custom orders, it always depends on whether they are realisable for me. Unfortunately, I have to reject requests that are far from my usual work (style, colors, shapes). But if you want a certain piece that you have seen made by me (on Instagram, in the shop, etc.) and it is already sold out, please ask me! Also, if you want a piece in a different color or shape, which I also offer, I will most likely be able to fulfill your wish :) For example, if you have seen a cup in turquoise, but would like to have a flower pot in this color, please let me know! 

How long does the making of a custom order take? 

For pieces that I make especially for you, it always depends on my order situation and whether I'm in the middle of preparing a shop update. Usually the production time of a single piece is 6-8 weeks. A larger order (e.g. a crockery set consisting of several plates, bowls, etc.) can also take longer. And also if I have a lot to do, the production can take longer. I will always inform you individually about the duration! 

How often do you fill up the onlineshop? 

Usually every 1-2 months. If you would like to be informed about the exact dates of updates, subscribe to our newsletter. You find the newsletter form here.

All the pieces I wanted sold out very quickly! 

With most shop updates, some items sell out very quickly. This is also due to the fact that I only make a few individual pieces and cannot produce them in large quantities. But there is the possibility to get early access to our shop, i.e. to shop before the official update :) This early bird access is only activated for our newsletter subscribers - if you are not already on our Newsletter list, sign up for it. You can find the form here.

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