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Cup candle "Lino"

Cup candle "Lino"

€34.00 Regular Price
€27.20Sale Price

*This cup candle is reduced because the glaze ran too much and had to be sanded off a bit at the bottom (see photo). Otherwise it is completely functional*


"Lino" is simply a little ode to the many shades of blue, green and turquoise in the water, whether at the sea or on the river. The rippling, the streaming, the quiet play with the light are immortalized in this design.


Our small cup candles have been carefully hand-filled with rapeseed wax and have a wooden wick that crackles quietly as it burns, creating a cozy fireplace atmosphere.

The candles are wonderful for cozy winter evenings or mild summer nights on the balcony and in the garden.

Once the candle has burned out, the small cup can be used, e.g. for drinks, storage or as a small flower pot.


Rapeseed wax is healthy, environmentally friendly and because it is grown in Europe, it has a shorter transport route for us than, for example, soy wax, which is largely imported from the USA. Since it is important to us to pay attention to our ecological footprint with our products, rapeseed wax was the right choice for us. It also has a beautiful, pure color and a neutral smell.


This cup candle is glazed in our "Lino" design, on sand-colored speckled clay and was elaborately built by hand using the slab technique.


Our ceramics are dishwasher safe. However, we generally recommend hand washing for handmade pieces.


Food safe.


Handcrafted using the hand-building technique.


Fired at approx. 1230 degrees, stoneware.




Diameter approx. 7.5 cm

Height approx. 7 cm

Capacity approx. 200 ml


Please note that the product may vary slightly from the photos shown here. Reasons for this may be screen settings and different lighting conditions. I take photos in daylight. Each of my pieces is unique, each piece is hand-built, which means it has irregularities that are absolutely intentional and part of my aesthetic.

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